MAMA’s Night Time Routine

TogetherOkay so, after beauty blogging for many years and well, being female. I love a good pamper, I love having soft skin, I love trying new products and I love relaxing! Then, along came BABA, and suddenly my lengthy night time routine had to be cut down and made into a ‘Quick Fix’ so I thought I would share with you some of the products I use every night and the things I do to relax before bedtime (maybe bedtime is the wrong word, how about, 3 hour nap before BABA wakes for a bottle…)

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Firstly, the make-up of the day needs to be removed, for this I use Clinique ‘Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm’ I just rub it alllll over my tired face and use a cloth soaked in warm water to remove it and as if my magic all my make-up comes off on the cloth! INCLUDING mascara! I do however use my trusty Simple wipes to remove any excess eye make-up!


Then it’s shower time- in the shower i use Soap + Glory. I’ve tried a LOT of their products over the years and I’m loving what we have in rotation at the moment, I use to ‘Pulp Friction’ body scrub on my elbows, knees, feet and… stretch marks! When that’s all rinsed I wash my whole body with the ‘Whipped Clean’ Shower butter which leaves my skin amazing;y soft. Of course both these products smell divine also.


When I’m out of the shower I like to moisturise etc, at the moment I’m dealing with the aftermath of pregnancy in the form of my ‘Mummy Stripes’ for which I am continuing my use of Bio Oil, along with some other things (Think I’ll do a whole blog post on stretch marks if I have the confidence to post the scary pictures, eeek) and Vaseline on the rest of my body! Now, this is really weird but on one of my many ?admit-ions? to hospital during my pregnancy another mummy to be saw I was using NSPA Mum-to-Be Bump Butter on my bump and she suggested using it on my face, I was sceptical about this to begin with because my face is really sensitive and prone to break outs with any new products. But when I was in hospital after giving birth I didn’t have my usual Day or Night Cream (Even if I did pack and re-pack my bag over 15 times) I did have this cream though and my face was so dry and tight I thought I’d give it a go, NOW I use it every night! It was excellent on my bump too for softening and cooling the skin and now it has the same affect on my face, kind of feels like it’s tightening my skin- NEVER too early to start the anti ageing process!

I use my simple wipes to remove the excess eye make-up as I said earlier.


When I’m settling down into bed I’ll get myself a hot drink, sometimes tea to dunk some biscuits in, sometimes hot lemon. Light my candles, spritz my pillow with some ‘Deep Sleep’ and cosy down. At the moment I’m getting a lot of pain in my tummy so a hot water bottle is essential, they’re magical. On my hands I use ‘Hand Food’ from Soap and Glory, as I use a lot of hand sanitiser in the day my hands get quite dry this stuff is my hand saviour and I love the travel sized tube for my handbag. Carmex for my lips is always a must too!

Then like I said it’s time to take a little nap for a few hours before it’s feeding time, which I always look forward to because for a short while I get to hold my warm little sleepy baby in my arms while his daddy sleeps soundly next to us, unless of course PAPA is doing the feed in which case I look forward to my sleep 😉

Well there’s my nightly routine, what do you do for ‘me time’ before bed?



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