When Should I Worry…

WSIWWe had a bit of a scary time with BABA a couple of weeks ago, he was very sleepy, had a nasty rash, temperature, wasn’t waking for feeds or taking any of his milk, then suddenly he became unresponsive, whilst we were in a shopping centre. After being told not to worry over and over I ended up calling 111 and asking for an out of hours appointment (as it was just after 6pm on a Friday night) after explaining Oscar’s symptoms to the call handler she explained they would be sending an ambulance to our location. Cue MAMA absolutely freaking out, 3 lovely paramedics came and collected us from Marks and Spencer and off to the Ambulance we went. Long story short, he was okay, just a viral rash. Was poorly for a few days then back to normal. Whilst we were in hospital the Doctor explained we had done exactly the right thing in persisting because we know our baby, parents know best, we knew he wasn’t right. So firstly, trust your instincts but when you’re not sure what to think this website is very handy and suggested to us by the paediatrician.


The website has a very handy booklet full of really useful information for parents.

Have any of you had a scary experience with your little one?



2 thoughts on “When Should I Worry…

  1. this was interesting post to read having been in a similar situation, when my baby girl was 3 days old i noticed her skin was slightly yellow and she had a rash all over her body not only this she had a small lump on her ear, she seems ok in herself but it all came at once, like you say here you know your baby and I ended up taking mine to hospital and turns out she was dehydrated and had jaundice with a sebatious cyst on her ear (seems to come in threes) always worth being safe x


    1. Hi Amelia, sorry to hear about your baby girl I hope she’s okay now. Oscar had Jaundice too for a while, luckily no treatment was needed just plenty of fluids to flush the Simpson out of him! Definitely agree with that- ALWAYS! Better safe than sorry! x


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