My Mama Worries…

HospitalThis is not a blog post with advice, or telling you about things we do or anything like that, I just need to use my little slice of the internet to almost vent about my first real worry as a Mama!

Baba Oscar has been a bit poorly since his birth and for the last 2 and a half weeks he hasn’t kept ANY of his bottles down, he was hungry every hour and a half and he was needing constant cuddles- so much so that putting him down in his crib rarely ended with him sleeping soundly it was mostly screams. Now as I’ve said before the actual noise of screams I can cope with but when he draws his legs up to his chest and goes his blueberry colour I get really worried. When he’s being constantly sick, sweating covered in a rash, I. GET. WORRIED.

Since this started we’ve had Ambulances called to us, we’ve seen out of hours GP’s, A&E Doctors, Senior Doctors, Health Visitors, Duty Nurses and our family GP. Guess what? They’ve all had a different opinions. I’m a first time Mama and this really has not made the worries any easier, if anything I’m more worried now than I ever was as everyone’s opinions are so conflicting I don’t know what to do for the best now! One is saying to reduce his milk and not feed him as often one is saying up his milk and feed him when he’s hungry, one is saying his rash is viral one is saying it can’t be a viral rash. One is saying to change his milk one is saying it’s BAD to change his milk. One said it’s reflux he needs Gaviscon one said NO, no Gaviscon just reduce his milk by 2oz. IT’S MAKING ME CRAZY!

These people are all professionals and if it was my mother and a doctor having different opinions and views then I wouldn’t be going so mad. I really don’t know what to do, I feel like we’re being well looked after that’s not my issue I just wish there was ONE way to make it all better, I’m not after a quick fix as I’m sure there isn’t one I’d just like there to be ONE plan of action so we can get going with it and hopefully make our poorly Baba feel a bit better!

I’m sorry this wasn’t a very informative post today but I’ve spoken to so many lovely mummy’s since I started this blog, I think I just need to hear that I’m not alone in this frustration. Has anyone else had a simular situation or struggled with a poorly Baba in the first couple of months? PLEAAAASE let me know, it would be great to know someone else has felt this way!



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