My Baby Shower


My baby shower was organised by my Mum, my Auntie and a close friend. I am the kind of person that wants to organise everything myself, I like to know what’s going on and I HATE surprises. However, they were very adamant I wasn’t allowed to know anything about the day, I just knew the day and was allowed to send them ideas for my cake. I have to say, I was very well behaved considering and I relaxed and let them get on with it. The day was a massive success and I had such a fantastic time. In this post I will post some pictures of the day including some of the games we played which will hopefully give you some ideas if you are planning a baby shower.

  • Baby Guest Book- Each guest had 4 questions each on every page of this book where they gave advice for Mummy, advice for Daddy and wrote the things they wished for the baby’s future. This is such a lovely idea and it was lovely to sit and read when I was home, I can’t wait to read it to Oscar when he’s older and people gave funny advice for me and Ciaran and wanted such lovely things for Oscar.


  • Baby Speculation- Each guest had to write when they thought the baby would arrive, what time it would be, how much Baba would weigh and the length too, Unfortunately no one got this right for us except my cousin who managed to guess day AND weight to the oz which was very strange.


  • Dirty Nappy Game- This was one of the most frustrating games for me, they melted down my favourite chocolates and smeared them inside a nappy, then nappy was then refrigerated so the chocolate went hard, we then had to smell and lick the inside of each nappy and all guess what the different chocolates were, very fun, very disgusting and VERY frustrating when I got ONE right!!


  • Baby Food Game- There were a number of different jars of baby food without their label, we had to try each jar and guess what they were. I basically thought every one was SpagBol, one I guess was carrots and I think it turned out the be the only SpagBol one… Again, I got frustrated as I don’t deal well with losing.


  • Pin the Dummy on the Baby- Pretty self explanatory this one, I didn’t do too badly, but alas, I did not win.


  • Guess The Bump Size- Each guest had to cut the tape to wrap around my bump, most people guessed either WAY too big or WAY too small, however, 2 people did get it spot on.


  • Baby Related Charades- I had ‘Potty Training’ I rememeber very well how I played this one out and I really wouldn’t do it any differently, I was miming putting a child on a potty and them running away and me taking them back to the potty… you get it? Yeeeeah no one else did!


  • How Well Do You Know Mummy Quiz- There were multiple questions such as show size, favourite actor, favourite song etc. My mummy won this one and got every question right and even added extra answers!

We then had some food, a lovely buffet, I had a plate full of nuggets (craving) we cut the cake and opened some presents and I waddled on home.

It was such a beautiful afternoon and we got some absolutely lovely presents, here are some more pictures of the day.

I’d love to see some pictures of your baby showers.




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