Things I've Noticed Since Being A Mummy

This blog post was Ciarans idea as the both of us realised there are some things we’ve noticed a lot more since becoming Parents, here are a few of those things.

  1. Rubbish Drivers- On a daily basis I find myself screaming at other drivers ‘You could’ve killed my son!!!!’
  2. Narrow Shop Aisles- I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a double buggy, I don’t think I would ever leave the house, the aisles are simply NOT big enough, I get so embarassed when I’m trying to leave a restaurant, I just try and laugh it off explaining I need ‘L plates for this thing’ to every person that makes eye contact with me.
  3. Baby Changing Areas- Or lack there of, there are no baby changing facilities in the male toilets and very rarely a changing area for either parent to use, this means it’s always me who has to leave the dinner table to feed the baba, which is fine but I wish people were more sensitive to the fact that Daddy’s change nappies too, I wonder what Ciaran would do if he was to take Oscar to town without me. What about single dads?
  4. How much I love naps- and how much I miss not being able to take a nap whenever I would like, I work on baba’s sleep schedule now.
  5. People who can’t walk- People stop walking right in front of the pushchair, just in the middle of the pathway, to look at something in a window or on a shelf, then get angry when your pushchair grazes their ankle or achilles, not my fault, this aisle was small enough without your mindlessness.
  6. How long it takes to shop- Gone are the days where I would do a ‘quick food shop’ multiple people now stop us to look at the baba, tell us how beautiful he is or complement us on how well we look for having a new born.
  7. How going to stay in a hotel for one night with Oscar requires more luggage than a week abroad.
  8. How much I can love someone- this is very weird, I love Ciaran and I loved him before Oscar was born but the way I love Oscar is so different and it’s so strange, I’m a very protective Mama and I don’t want anyone or anything to hurt him and if anything becomes negative around him or us we cut it off immediately to protect him.
  9. The lack of lifts/ramps- I didn’t even think of this before having a baby, for example, there’s a burger restaurant I really want to go to but we can’t whilst we have Oscar with us because it’s up loads of really steep steps with no lift or ramps and my favourite place for lunch has steep stairs and we drove all the way there the other day to be greeted with these stairs we had forgotten about, needless to say I was that hungry we just carried the pushchair up the stairs and I dined looking a lovely shade of tomato.
  10. How much I love being a mummy and how I’d like about 11 more children 😉

So, that’s 10 of my things, what things have you noticed since being a parent? Do you agree with any of mine?

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