My Make-Up Bag

MakeUp1 I’m always keen to know what people have in their make-up bags, not just to be nosy but also because I’m always on the look out for new products. Thing is though I’m also a loyal user of a few products and those are the ones that are re-purchased constantly and LIVE in my make-up bag, a couple of the products in my daily make-up bag come and go, there are new items in there but most of the time they don’t last long because I end up remembering how great my oldies were and I go back! HELP. ME. I need to move on from the foundation I used when I was 16 years old. That being said, incase you’re a nosy parker like me, here’s a collection of the products in my daily make-up bag. The bag itself is from Ted Baker and I blaaaady love it! Skin MakeUp4 At the moment I’m ping ponging between these 3 base products for my skin, dream matte mousse is self explanatory obviously I’m still stupidly in love with it since I was in year 11, it smooths my skin out, it lasts really well and it’s so lightweight on my skin which is perfection. I also love the Revlon Photo Finish foundation, which literally makes my skin flawless! It’s such a beautiful consistency and applies really well, if I’m going for a full face of make-up I use my real techniques stippling brush but on a daily basis I use the buffing brush which works really well for me as I never like to look like I’m wearing too much make-up. The No7 Tinted Moisturiser is a newer purchase as I bought it just before I gave birth to apply in the hospital as a quick fix to my facial rosacea which I’m really self conscious about, so if anyone knows of any products to reduce facial redness please PLEASE let me know. MakeUp5 Concealer wise I have 3 that I use, and yes, I use all 3 most days! They all have different uses for me. The ‘Collection Lasting Concealer’ I bought a LONG time ago after I saw so many beauty bloggers recommending it and it quickly became my favourite, it works wonders under my eyes as it’s so brightening (I have it in the lightest shade which is normally sold out) but now I use it to highlight down the bridge of my nose and I have one in my handbag for concealing on the go. I then have the ‘Collection Illuminating Touch’ concealer which I use for any blemishes- thankfully I have only had one pesky spot that keeps returning on my chin for the last few months so I’ve not been using this one too much. Finally, ‘Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover’ which I use under my eyes and around the corners of my nose blending in using my Real Techniques Beauty Blender. This concealer is my favourite I think of all the concealers I’ve ever tried the sponge applicator that is provided is perfect it glides the product on perfectly and doesn’t cake it on which is a problem with a lot of concealers I’ve tried. MakeUp13 I am touching PAN in this ‘MAC Translucent Powder’ so I muuuust re purchase because I just love it, I can’t use coloured powders they make my face look horrific, really cakey and just not nice at all but I’m in love with this product it is a great finishing powder and really holds my make-up in place. I press it on using my buffing brush under my eyes then dust it over the rest of my face. MakeUp6Bourjois Bronzer- I’ve had this bronzer FOR.EVER. It’s a nightmare it just won’t disappear I’ve had it over a year now, I fear it needs to be thrown out simply because it’s over stayed it’s welcome, it’s not the best I’ve ever had but it does the job, I don’t use it a lot! Collection Cream Blush- I’ve never used a cream blush before but I absolutely love it, I literally use half the size of a grain of rice rub it between my index fingers and pat it on the apples of my cheeks and it’s perfection! NARS Matte Multiple- This product took me a really long time to get on with I watched Gracie apply it and it looks incredible I’m like Casper white and putting a chocolate stick on my face literally turned me orange and I really struggled to blend it, after a bit of trial and error I realised I just need to use the edge to apply a really thin line to contour and BLEND BLEND BLEND and it turns a beautiful shade, however, I may have a little shop for a lighter shade, the product itself is lovely. Benefit Watts Up Highlighter- LOVE. LOVE. No explanation needed. It’s amazing. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE MY CHEEKBONES! MUA Highlighter- Really nice to dust over the Benefit or on it’s own it’s a really cheap highlighter if you don’t want to buy Benefit or for younger teens. Accessorize Blush- This is a great dupe for the MAC blush with the gold flecks in it, it’s such a beautiful shade. MakeUp7MakeUp2 Naked 2 palette is perfect it has all the shades in it that I use everyday, shades for a smokey eye, shades for gold base and for highlighting under the brow RAAAAAH I love it. MakeUp8 Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake- I have the darkest eyebrows already with blonde hair so that in itself is a challenge let alone when every brow product is really… for lack of a better word… dense. It’s really like… HD Brows on a daily basis and I just didn’t like that everyday it didn’t suit my face so this product is perfect for me, it is a really nice powder BUT, if I wet my brush and apply this product it does give me the HD brow effect soooo win win really, amazing product ***** 5 Stars. MakeUp12 I really don’t have a lot to say about this product, I’ve been using it about 2 months but I think I might go back to Benefit They’re Real or try the Better Than Sex mascara! MakeUp10 Matte Pink Plaid MAC Lipstick- Loveee this, it’s not too colourful as deeply coloured lipsticks don’t suit me it’s just a bit ‘pinker’ than my lips, it lasts for hours AND it smells like kinder eggs what more could you ask for. MakeUp3 So, there it is, my daily make-up- any products that you guys have that I MUST try? What are your daily staple products? SignOff2


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