Baba’s Must Have Bedtime Items


When we want Baba Oscar to sleep through the night… EVERY night of course we have a few things that will ensure he goes to sleep at 10pm soundly and without a fuss- here are those things! As always- click each image to purchase.
Baby boy starts with a lovely bath most night, we don’t wash him every night and I’m very aware that the professionals tell you not to bathe them daily because of their natural oils but Oscar is suffering badly with reflux and colic at the moment so in the evenings he is usually covered in sick and getting himself really worked up because his poor belly is in pain and a bath is an instant soother for him he absolutely LOVES the water


His hand goes up into this position every. single. time WITHOUT FAIL it’s the funniest thing. (He doesn’t normally have a sink bath, he does have his own baby bath but this was at Ciaran’s parents house)


Then when he’s out and has had a little cuddle in his dressing gown we warm some of this massage oil between our hands and rub it all over his body especially his tummy and his back he loves it, just sits there staring up at us- pampered little pickle!


Next, we get him dressed in his favourite sleepsuits which would be one of his suits from JoJo Maman Bebe- I love the clothes from this company LOVE LOVE LOVE, they wash so well, they stay so soft and they come in such cute designs too!


This spray was purchased in the sale just as a trial when he first started having these crying episodes before bed and it worked wonders, not only does it help Oscar relax it helps us too, it fills the bedroom with the scent of… sleep! Lavendar isn’t my favourite scent but it really is calming, we like it so much we got a second bottle today! A little spritz spritz on his pillow at night works wonders.


We then wrap him up in his IKEA Sleepsuit- bloody genius, I didn’t know IKEA would be so good for baby things, this has a full body zip which is so handy for those midnight bum changes and it’s not too thick and hot for Baba, it’s just cosy and familiar.


I’ve mentioned this seahorse to you guys already it’s. amazing. I need to replace the batteries in this little beauty as we cannot afford for him to not play his peaceful tunes throughout the night.

His tummy lights up and I advise you ALLLL buy one!

Then that’s us done, of course in between all this he would’ve had plenty of cuddles and his bottle of milkies. Obviously this is just what works for us at the moment, I’d love to hear some of the things you use to settle your little one, because if the day ever comes that these things stop working we are going to need an immediate back up plan!

Also, if anyone has any advice for reflux and colic I would be very grateful.



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