Baby Brain

When I was pregnant I suffered from a serious case of baby brain. I walked into the kitchen regularly forgetting why I’d gone in there, walked back up to bed got comfortable only to THEN realise why I was in the kitchen then of course you have to muster up the energy to yet again venture all the way downstairs again. I drove all the way to the shops to completely forget why I was there which is why I started carrying around a tiny notebook to keep track of all my lists and notes for everyday as well as my handbag diary for all my appointments. (my BIGGEST tip for pregnancy I think)
However, for some reason the baby brain didn’t leave my body with the after birth. It has stayed, massively. I was out shopping, looking at phone cases for Ciaran when I put my phone down on the side. Walked away and left the shop, only to end up frantically looking through my bag for the phone! Ciaran ran back to the case stand to find my phone sat there camouflaged within the cases.
The worst phone situation has to be a few days ago in John Lewis, I went to the disabled toilet to change Oscars bumbum and put my phone on the shelf. After changing and sorting the baba out I left the toilet and continued shopping. Then the realisation hit me, I’d left my phone in the toilet. After going all the way back to the toilet to check and having no luck we scouted out the lost property department, again, no luck. With that Ciaran’s phone began to ring- it was me! Or rather the woman who had picked my phone up in the toilet and got all the way to the train station before she ‘realised’ she had it. LIKELY STORY. Me thinks she took all that time to realise there’s a password and she wasn’t able to get on the phone and it was of no use to her.
So luckily, I got my phone back but it did make me realise that I had hundreds of pictures of Oscar on there that I hadn’t backed up yet. We’re all backed up now and I’m going to take the time to have them all printed for a scrapbook. Definite blog post about scrapbooking soon I think as it’s my favourite thing to do. Is that something you’d like to see?
Has anyone else had a continuation of baby brain after giving birth? What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you because of it?

3 thoughts on “Baby Brain

  1. Watch out for doorways! Our brains actually interpret doorways as new event thresholds. Unfortunately we tend to remember in scenes so when you leave a room your brain files away what’s in your short term memory. Which is why we all forget why we entered the kitchen :-). Throw in kiddie induced sleep deprivation and you sound fairly normal! I don’t normally shamelessly self-promote but I blog about memory and brain stuff at if you’re interested.
    As for phone photos, I recently installed the Flickr app on my phone. It auto-updates photos to my account so at least I don’t have to worry about losing them along with my phone! I’m sure there are other apps like it too.

    1. I’ll have a read of your blog, thank you. I’m always keen to learn new things!
      That app sounds really handy so I may download it, does it mean you can have access to them on a laptop?
      I’ve just paid for extra iCloud storage so hopefully that will sort me out for a while!

      1. Thanks! Yes, once you set up a free account you get 3 terabytes of storage for photos and short videos. You can access them from any other device. Google photos launched a couple of weeks after I set up my Flickr account, I think they’re offering unlimited storage but 3TB is plenty for me right now. Oh, I think your photos are automatically set to private as well and you can choose after if you want to share. Every site is a social media site these days. Now, if only I can figure out how to get Flickr to pay me for that glowing review … 🙂

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