Mummy and Oscar Day


The other week whilst Ciaran was at work Oscar and I went off and did a bit of shopping and it was so lovely to be out just the two of us. As much as we love going out with Dada some quality Mama and Baba time was well over due. We went into Mamas and Papas for some new teats and a little toy…


This little armadillo pram toy is lovely, it has a soft rattle inside almost like a bell sound which Oscy loves, he’s focussing on individual toys now which makes this perfect for walks when he’s awake as it keeps him nice and occupied. I’ve tried to find it online for your but I can’t seem to locate it, but I will put a link here to the soft toys they do have as I love all of them!

Toys in that section are suitable from birth and I definitely think they’re a good idea when they get to Oscy’s age and start to focus and watch things moving back and forth. My Auntie and Uncle gifted us a toy bar to go across him when he’s in his pushchair which I really want to put that on there soon, I think he’d appreciate it now. Clever little pooch.

The outfit Oscar is wearing in the above picture is his little Superman Outfit from Asda, it has a velcro cape on the back which is so fun.


It’s actually not available anymore, there is a vest version but it’s out of stock so I can’t link it for you but I’m sure if you like it you can find something similar elsewhere, fancy dress for baba’s is so cute I think!

What do you do when it’s just you and the baby? Also, any fun fancy dress ideas?



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