Mother Knows Best

This is more of a life update for our family, after my posts showing Oscar in hospital and talking about gut feeling and knowing your child. I’ll start this post by saying this- do NOT give up. If you believe there is something wrong with your child and they’re just ‘not right’ or ‘not themself’ persevere!

We have fought and fought for Oscy since he was 2 weeks old. He was such a good boy then he suddenly got awful rashes and started screaming, not sleeping at night and throwing up incredible amounts. He just wasn’t himself we knew something was wrong. Each medical professional told us different things, we were constantly fobbed off with ‘viral rashes’ and ‘just a baby thing’ and ‘you’re being overprotective’ but I knew something was wrong and now I’ve been proved right.

Oscar is allergic to milk.

Which I’ve said could be the case since day 1 as I’m allergic to milk. Yet no one listened to me, why??

That is my biggest question WHY.

Why is my son allowed to continue with rashes like this…

Why are we allowed to be in the emergency room with our baby for the same issue every week with no conclusive tests being done?

Why are we, as his parents, not listened to?

We now have prescription cream and milk for him, which is apparently difficult to get hold of from most pharmacies so I can see us having some issues.

I sure hope he grows out of it because it’s not going to be fun growing up not being allowed to eat or drink anything. My poor little pickle.

Has anyone else’s baby got an allergy to milk? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




13 thoughts on “Mother Knows Best

  1. Hi there, i know exactly how you feel. I had the same issueS. Everything I learnt is because I researched it. Know I blog so this information is available to all. Please go in my website for advice its


  2. Hi, I’m almost certain child has a milk allergy. GP & HV were no help so went private for a milk change. However now the weaning has started and so have the little pains again! Iv posted about this on my blog. Perhaps we could learn from each other as it is such a temperamental issue!x


      1. Hi,
        I feel so bad for all these little babies. It’s not the smoothest of transitions our end either. So far he’s had reactions to his jabs, Calpol and even penicillin 😦 I’m new to the world of blogging so hopefully this will work…

        Any advice or tips are very welcome, we have a dietician appointment this month and I’m trying to gain as much info as possible beforehand!


      2. Thank you. The link with Calpol was a shocker, have you experienced this? Literally learning something new everyday!


      3. I’m not sure to be honest, as ridiculous as it sounds I only give him calpol when he’s already poorly so I don’t know if I would notice? If that makes any sense?!


      4. It makes perfect sense. The advice I was given (I’m not saying its good advice!!) was to wait until he has a mild ailment e.g. teething and then give the Calpol to see if there was a link. There in followed 9 days of Diarrhea. No more Calpol for him!


      5. I wanted to come back to this post and let you know that Oscar had the reaction to Calpol but he seems ok with Calprofen!! Don’t know if you’ve found this with your LO?


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