Tuesday Tips

I’m going to start a new weekly ‘segment’ to go along with Saturday Sayings- 


This weeks tip is how we ‘share’ our time between Baba and Couple. Making sure we don’t neglect our important couple time even though we have a baby now! Also little things to keep our couple ‘spark’ alive. So here we go, I hope you like it. 

  1. Date Night- we have date night every Tuesday, normally it just means going out for dinner, or going to Nandos! Yes, most likely Nandos, we always end up there. Baba comes with us and sleeps in his pushchair which he loves. But it just means neither of us is cooking or sleeping we are at a table and we have a chance to chat properly and spend time together but also as a family.   
  2. We have certain programmes that we watch together, so we know when they’re due to come on (Monday night is our best night at the moment) we remind each other on the day and speculate what may happen. It’s just our thing now which is great! We get to cuddle up whilst Baba is in bed. 
  3. May seem simple but eating dinner together every night. Our baba is too small to eat dinner with us now. In fact I know people who wait until their children are in bed then have separate ‘adult’ dinner time. Which is a great idea I think, it’s just whatever works for you.   
  4. Presents! Ciaran is always getting me presents and bringing flowers home which is always so nice, it reminds me what things were like BB (Before Baba) when we only had each other.   
  5. This one is an extension of the last and it’s so simple but the best, when we get into bed at night and Ciaran is downstairs doing the bottle he will bring me a lemon drink or a hot chocolate or a hot water bottle and it really is the simplest things that make me the happiest.   

I may not always show my appreciation to Ciaran for all the things he does for me, but I do appreciate them. More than anything. It means I’m happy every single day and getting no sleep is bare able because he’s right there next to me at each night feed. 

So that’s it really, so simple but 8 weeks into real parenthood we’ve managed not to argue OR kill each other. I’ve got myself a good man and Oscar is so lucky to have such a lovely Daddy.

What things do you do to keep the love? We need new ideas haha I fear these may become mundane. 😦 



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