Spaghetti Charlonaise

Okay, French toast was popular and you guys wanted more but… I realise I don’t cook a lot so let’s start easy least and quick, after all who doesn’t want a quick meal that’s delicious? 

Here goes- SPAG BOL 

 You will need: 

2 x Large Saucepans 



Garlic Salt


Minced Garlic (if you’re a garlic addict like myself) 

A jarred bolognaise sauce of your choice 

Okay, I’d like to start of by saying I am totally lazy with SpagBol I very rarely make the sauce myself which is so naughty because I’m so good at making the sauce, but I really like the Loyd Grossman one because it’s got chunky bits of tomato in it which I put in mine, soooo close enough?! Now onto how I make this super quick and yummy meal. 

  1. Start boiling water in one of your saucepans and your mince in the other   
  2. In a separate little bowl add together some garlic salt, oregano and minced garlic (I am a complete garlic ADDICT I would have it with everything, it’s a problem that you will notice if I do more recipes)   
  3. Add your spaghetti to the boiling water   
  4. When mince is browned off completely add your jarred sauce and mixed herbs- mix well  
  5. When my spaghetti is cooked and my sauce is warmed through I add them both together and sort of fold the spaghetti into the mince   
  6. Serve and add some grated cheese to the top if you wish   

I didn’t have a picture of the finished product because I was sooo starving I gobbled it all up! 

I feel so silly for doing a Spag Bol blog post but it’s so simple and quick it’s great! One of my favourites! 

Hope you like it! 



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