My Birth Story

In two minds about hitting the Publish button on this one, not only because it’s so personal but also because the pictures are so… well, I’m giving birth so they’re pretty intense! So please do not read this if you don’t want to, I am going to go into detail, aaaand not everyone wants to hear that!

Gosh, I’ve just gone through all the photos Ciaran took throughout my labour and first few days of Oscar’s life and I find myself getting really emotional, I can’t believe what an empowering experience it is and how close I was to nearly having it all taken away from me and having a C Section!

Firstly, I will do a blog post on Gestational Diabetes as so many Mummys get diagnosed and have spoken to me about it and I know how frustrating it can be. Oscar ended up putting on a pound a week because of mine so I was booked in for induction at 38 weeks. I gave birth at 38 weeks and 4 days.

DAY 1: So 29th of June I was due to go into The Princess Anne Hospital and be induced, we were told to arrive at 7:30am so, naively, off we trotted onto the Labour Ward thinking we would have a baby by lunchtime, little did we know the journey we were about to go on. Induction2


We were taken into the Induction room, with 4 beds, told I would be examined and then we would all be put in priority order. After everyone was examined I was told I was 3cm dilated and would be sent round to one of the labour rooms and they would get things started. Cue my anxiety being through the roof, nerves all over the place, frantically googling things that I’d already googled 14 times. Over 2 hours passed and I was getting quite frustrated as no one was coming in to tell us what was happening, so I asked for an update and was told an emergency came in and took my labour room and there was now no midwives for me. Now, I understand emergencies happen, I’ve worked in A&E, my issue was that we weren’t kept updated, as soon as that room was taken the midwife that was in charge of the induction room should’ve come and informed us all, as that also puts the other women behind too. To cut a long story short by 2pm we were informed there was no way we would be induced today, could we come back tomorrow. Every other woman decided to stay incase a room became available but I just couldn’t do that so we left, I went home and got changed and we went into town and did some shopping and got some dinner. That night I spent the evening yet again preparing myself to give birth, this time I wasn’t really excited, I was absolutely exhausted already as I’d been having contractions for over a week and I was disheartened too.


DAY 2: Back into the hospital at 7:30am and taken through as a priority and examined, this time told I was 2cm dilated, so some how managed to reverse the process overnight! I was told my waters were ‘bulging’ so they would burst my waters then I had to go for a really big walk around the hospital to try and get things started myself. NOW I got excited, I felt like something was finally going to happen.

3pm: We were moved into a labour room and told someone would be in soon to break my waters and THIS was placed on the side.


3:05: Ciaran has been sat in what can only be described as a school chair for hours so he was overly excited when he was given this reclining chair-


3:20pm: My waters were broke, now, this I was really worried about, obviously, did you SEE the size of that knitting needle? But she didn’t put much of it in and the only way I can describe the feeling is weird. I felt some pressure as she was actually doing the business then just warm fluid going down my legs, it was disgusting but the relief was amazing, obviously those waters had been putting some serious pressure on me for a while and now they were gone it was amazing, AND she told us she could feel our baby’s head and he had lots of hair. That he did Midwife, that. he. did.

3:42pm: I started having contractions, really severe and really frequent, the midwife advised it’s ‘normal’ to have about 4 contractions every 10 minutes however, I was having 7 in 10 and they weren’t helping my dilation at all.

4:00pm: I was put on a cordless trace monitor to check the baby’s heart rate and keep track of my contractions.


6:00pm: I was now in established labour.



10:00pm: Ciaran sent the above message to my family as you can see I’d managed to stay at 2cm dilated despite having been in labour for 4 hours having no breaks between contractions. The midwives recommended an epidural suggesting it may slow my contractions and give me a rest because having that many contractions and being told nothing was happening was truly exhausting, physically and mentally.


00:00am- 1st July 2015: The epidural was finally in place, it took a really long time to ‘get in’ because I was having so many contractions so it was a real challenge to stay still, it ended up only taking on one side which was verrrry painful. So, by midnight it was finally in place, a partial epidural. A bit of peace at last and I calmed enough that Ciaran could get some sleep. I was relatively relaxed. I had a catheter put in (which I didn’t feel going in if anyone is as worried as I was about this) I was now 4cm dilated and diagnosed with yet another kidney infection, I had multiple Kidney Infections during my pregnancy which had me admitted to the hospital many times.

01:50am: I was absolutely exhausted, the contractions were down to 6 in 10 now and the infection was causing me more discomfort and the epidural was yet again only working on the right hand side.

02:15am: Lots of blood was taken from me and a grey cannula was put in my hand (a very large needle) for the anti sickness and anti-biotics.

3:00am: I was given another internal and told I could start pushing at 4am. FINALLY! Cue Ciaran being woke up and my anxiety kicking up a gear.

3:45am: I started pushing, after about an hour and 45 minutes I was told I was pushing really well but nothing was happening and the baby was laying on my left hip, not straight so was struggling to pass my Pelvis.

5:30am: They told me Oscar had become distressed and they needed to make an incision and apply a ‘cap’ to his head to assist him out. Which meant I ended up with episiotomy and a ventouse delivery.


06:05am: My beautiful baby boy was placed on my chest weighing at 8lbs 9oz. I was absolutely overwhelmed with love and happiness, the radio was playing and Dire Straits- The Walk of Life was playing when Oscy entered the world.

The Walk Of Life

Very quickly I was informed that I had a third degree tear and had to be immediately taken to theatre for stitches. Which meant leaving my new bundle with his Daddy which made me very sad. After being told it would only take 20 minutes to half an hour and being in theatre for well over an hour I was very glad to be reunited with Ciaran and Oscar. I was very happy to also see my Nanny in the labour room when I returned, holding the baba.

I recently received a letter explaining I needed some further examinations in Feb 2016 as I had a ‘3c tear’ which is completely explained by this picture they kindly included


So as you can see, it was pretty severe. BUT, as I have said since that day I would do it all again tomorrow. I recovered really quickly and very well, the midwife even used the word ‘remarkable’ to describe my stitches situation 😉

Well, there it was, the birth story. My gosh I hope you weren’t eating during that. It’s got me quite emotional to write this (it has also taken 3 days as I started to get so emotional). Child birth is such a magical experience, even with the hardships and the unexpected emergencies, I felt very much out of control during childbirth but it really is true what they say, as soon as you hold your baby you forget all the pain and all the difficulties.

I’m happy to answer any questions anyone may have, if you don’t want to leave a question on here for everyone to see, you can always email me:



Baby Brain

When I was pregnant I suffered from a serious case of baby brain. I walked into the kitchen regularly forgetting why I’d gone in there, walked back up to bed got comfortable only to THEN realise why I was in the kitchen then of course you have to muster up the energy to yet again venture all the way downstairs again. I drove all the way to the shops to completely forget why I was there which is why I started carrying around a tiny notebook to keep track of all my lists and notes for everyday as well as my handbag diary for all my appointments. (my BIGGEST tip for pregnancy I think)

However, for some reason the baby brain didn’t leave my body with the after birth. It has stayed, massively. I was out shopping, looking at phone cases for Ciaran when I put my phone down on the side. Walked away and left the shop, only to end up frantically looking through my bag for the phone! Ciaran ran back to the case stand to find my phone sat there camouflaged within the cases.

The worst phone situation has to be a few days ago in John Lewis, I went to the disabled toilet to change Oscars bumbum and put my phone on the shelf. After changing and sorting the baba out I left the toilet and continued shopping. Then the realisation hit me, I’d left my phone in the toilet. After going all the way back to the toilet to check and having no luck we scouted out the lost property department, again, no luck. With that Ciaran’s phone began to ring- it was me! Or rather the woman who had picked my phone up in the toilet and got all the way to the train station before she ‘realised’ she had it. LIKELY STORY. Me thinks she took all that time to realise there’s a password and she wasn’t able to get on the phone and it was of no use to her.

So luckily, I got my phone back but it did make me realise that I had hundreds of pictures of Oscar on there that I hadn’t backed up yet. We’re all backed up now and I’m going to take the time to have them all printed for a scrapbook. Definite blog post about scrapbooking soon I think as it’s my favourite thing to do. Is that something you’d like to see?

Has anyone else had a continuation of baby brain after giving birth? What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you because of it?


Harper Beckham Dummy Debate


I spent this morning watching… This Morning, there was a parenting ‘expert’ discussing when it’s right for your child to stop using a dummy etc. This is something that bothered me before I was even a parent, before I was even pregnant. I have a really big family and lots of young children who have all stopped using dummies at a different time, some have never liked their dummy they’ve sucked their thumb instead or had a comfort blanket, all were used to soothe and calm the child. Now, forgive me if I am wrong but surely the child’s comfort is paramount? David Beckham is in the spotlight so naturally the media saw 4 year old Harper using a dummy and assumed she had never got rid of it and has spent the last 4 years with this dummy in her mouth. David defended himself by saying Harper was poorly and this calmed her, I can relate to this in some ways as my auntie was explaining not long ago about my little cousin and how, when she was spending a lot of time in hospital the nurses would give her a dummy in the recovery room then when she was back with her parents my Auntie would take the dummy away, now, I’m sure you can agree that those few hours or even couple of days of a child with milk teeth using a dummy are NOT going to give her orthodontia issues. It’s not only people in the spotlight who are penalised for the decisions they make for the comfort of their child. Health Visitors can also be just as judgemental as the media in telling you what your child needs purely because they’ve read a couple of books. Please don’t think this is me belittling the profession, it isn’t, luckily our HV is very helpful. But, it was only this morning I saw someone on Facebook explain their HV had expressed her child shouldn’t of had a dummy or a bottle before bed. What I can’t understand is, why, if this is making my child happy, if my child is comfortable, if I am comfortable with these decisions we’re told that our gut feeling is wrong?

Speaking from personal experience as I’ve written already Oscar has been quite poorly, he gets really restless and becomes a velcro baby, also, if you’ve read my old blog you will know I get pain too on a daily basis, therefore, sometimes Oscar spends a few hours from 3am onwards in bed with Ciaran and I. Now, before the Mummy Police start telling me how wrong that is please know this first- we have spent a fortune on 4 different pillows that are specially made for co-sleeping so it is safe as possible, we have special blankets so he doesn’t overheat in those couple of hours and a thermometer in the room to ensure he doesn’t get too hot or too cold. Him being in with us means I don’t have to get up and down and lean over his crib when I’m in pain and means Oscar feels happy and calm with his Mummy and Daddy close to him and he can get some rest in between his pains. So if that makes me a bad Mama then SO BE IT. This is where I see the issue, if I told you:

‘Oscar sleep in bed with me and Ciaran’

You would automatically see him squashed between the both of us for the sake of it. You would not know the full story. Just like nobody knows/knew the full story for the Beckhams, although, now they do has anyones opinion really changed? I think not. I think as parents and PEOPLE we are so quick to judge others without knowing the full story, I say fair play to David for sticking up for his family and that they should 100% carry on doing what makes their children happy! I’ve noticed this more and more in the parenting world since researching before starting this blog, everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they know best, but I think all we really know is our own children and what they like.

What are your thoughts on the dummy debate? Do you use dummies for your children if not do they have a specific comfort? I’d love to hear your views.


Baba’s Must Have Bedtime Items


When we want Baba Oscar to sleep through the night… EVERY night of course we have a few things that will ensure he goes to sleep at 10pm soundly and without a fuss- here are those things! As always- click each image to purchase.
Baby boy starts with a lovely bath most night, we don’t wash him every night and I’m very aware that the professionals tell you not to bathe them daily because of their natural oils but Oscar is suffering badly with reflux and colic at the moment so in the evenings he is usually covered in sick and getting himself really worked up because his poor belly is in pain and a bath is an instant soother for him he absolutely LOVES the water


His hand goes up into this position every. single. time WITHOUT FAIL it’s the funniest thing. (He doesn’t normally have a sink bath, he does have his own baby bath but this was at Ciaran’s parents house)


Then when he’s out and has had a little cuddle in his dressing gown we warm some of this massage oil between our hands and rub it all over his body especially his tummy and his back he loves it, just sits there staring up at us- pampered little pickle!


Next, we get him dressed in his favourite sleepsuits which would be one of his suits from JoJo Maman Bebe- I love the clothes from this company LOVE LOVE LOVE, they wash so well, they stay so soft and they come in such cute designs too!


This spray was purchased in the sale just as a trial when he first started having these crying episodes before bed and it worked wonders, not only does it help Oscar relax it helps us too, it fills the bedroom with the scent of… sleep! Lavendar isn’t my favourite scent but it really is calming, we like it so much we got a second bottle today! A little spritz spritz on his pillow at night works wonders.


We then wrap him up in his IKEA Sleepsuit- bloody genius, I didn’t know IKEA would be so good for baby things, this has a full body zip which is so handy for those midnight bum changes and it’s not too thick and hot for Baba, it’s just cosy and familiar.


I’ve mentioned this seahorse to you guys already it’s. amazing. I need to replace the batteries in this little beauty as we cannot afford for him to not play his peaceful tunes throughout the night.

His tummy lights up and I advise you ALLLL buy one!

Then that’s us done, of course in between all this he would’ve had plenty of cuddles and his bottle of milkies. Obviously this is just what works for us at the moment, I’d love to hear some of the things you use to settle your little one, because if the day ever comes that these things stop working we are going to need an immediate back up plan!

Also, if anyone has any advice for reflux and colic I would be very grateful.


Outfit Post- Tusk Romper


Thank the lords for the Mothercare sale- I have had my eye on this Romper since it was first released in store, my nan absolutely loves elephants and she loved this so when I saw it in the Mothercare sale for £3.20!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to get it.

It’s made from Organic Cotton, it’s so soft and fits Oscar really well he seems nice and comfortable in it today. It has metal poppers along the bottom for easy changing access and 1 button on each shoulder for over head access.

Tusk3I think it’s a really beautiful design, nice and simple and I didn’t realise how much I like Oscar in white until now, what a little angel! Great value for money here so if you’d like to order it click on the picture below-


Have you recently purchased any must have bargains?


My Make-Up Bag

MakeUp1 I’m always keen to know what people have in their make-up bags, not just to be nosy but also because I’m always on the look out for new products. Thing is though I’m also a loyal user of a few products and those are the ones that are re-purchased constantly and LIVE in my make-up bag, a couple of the products in my daily make-up bag come and go, there are new items in there but most of the time they don’t last long because I end up remembering how great my oldies were and I go back! HELP. ME. I need to move on from the foundation I used when I was 16 years old. That being said, incase you’re a nosy parker like me, here’s a collection of the products in my daily make-up bag. The bag itself is from Ted Baker and I blaaaady love it! Skin MakeUp4 At the moment I’m ping ponging between these 3 base products for my skin, dream matte mousse is self explanatory obviously I’m still stupidly in love with it since I was in year 11, it smooths my skin out, it lasts really well and it’s so lightweight on my skin which is perfection. I also love the Revlon Photo Finish foundation, which literally makes my skin flawless! It’s such a beautiful consistency and applies really well, if I’m going for a full face of make-up I use my real techniques stippling brush but on a daily basis I use the buffing brush which works really well for me as I never like to look like I’m wearing too much make-up. The No7 Tinted Moisturiser is a newer purchase as I bought it just before I gave birth to apply in the hospital as a quick fix to my facial rosacea which I’m really self conscious about, so if anyone knows of any products to reduce facial redness please PLEASE let me know. MakeUp5 Concealer wise I have 3 that I use, and yes, I use all 3 most days! They all have different uses for me. The ‘Collection Lasting Concealer’ I bought a LONG time ago after I saw so many beauty bloggers recommending it and it quickly became my favourite, it works wonders under my eyes as it’s so brightening (I have it in the lightest shade which is normally sold out) but now I use it to highlight down the bridge of my nose and I have one in my handbag for concealing on the go. I then have the ‘Collection Illuminating Touch’ concealer which I use for any blemishes- thankfully I have only had one pesky spot that keeps returning on my chin for the last few months so I’ve not been using this one too much. Finally, ‘Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover’ which I use under my eyes and around the corners of my nose blending in using my Real Techniques Beauty Blender. This concealer is my favourite I think of all the concealers I’ve ever tried the sponge applicator that is provided is perfect it glides the product on perfectly and doesn’t cake it on which is a problem with a lot of concealers I’ve tried. MakeUp13 I am touching PAN in this ‘MAC Translucent Powder’ so I muuuust re purchase because I just love it, I can’t use coloured powders they make my face look horrific, really cakey and just not nice at all but I’m in love with this product it is a great finishing powder and really holds my make-up in place. I press it on using my buffing brush under my eyes then dust it over the rest of my face. MakeUp6Bourjois Bronzer- I’ve had this bronzer FOR.EVER. It’s a nightmare it just won’t disappear I’ve had it over a year now, I fear it needs to be thrown out simply because it’s over stayed it’s welcome, it’s not the best I’ve ever had but it does the job, I don’t use it a lot! Collection Cream Blush- I’ve never used a cream blush before but I absolutely love it, I literally use half the size of a grain of rice rub it between my index fingers and pat it on the apples of my cheeks and it’s perfection! NARS Matte Multiple- This product took me a really long time to get on with I watched Gracie apply it and it looks incredible I’m like Casper white and putting a chocolate stick on my face literally turned me orange and I really struggled to blend it, after a bit of trial and error I realised I just need to use the edge to apply a really thin line to contour and BLEND BLEND BLEND and it turns a beautiful shade, however, I may have a little shop for a lighter shade, the product itself is lovely. Benefit Watts Up Highlighter- LOVE. LOVE. No explanation needed. It’s amazing. SHINE BRIGHT LIKE MY CHEEKBONES! MUA Highlighter- Really nice to dust over the Benefit or on it’s own it’s a really cheap highlighter if you don’t want to buy Benefit or for younger teens. Accessorize Blush- This is a great dupe for the MAC blush with the gold flecks in it, it’s such a beautiful shade. MakeUp7MakeUp2 Naked 2 palette is perfect it has all the shades in it that I use everyday, shades for a smokey eye, shades for gold base and for highlighting under the brow RAAAAAH I love it. MakeUp8 Illamasqua Eye Brow Cake- I have the darkest eyebrows already with blonde hair so that in itself is a challenge let alone when every brow product is really… for lack of a better word… dense. It’s really like… HD Brows on a daily basis and I just didn’t like that everyday it didn’t suit my face so this product is perfect for me, it is a really nice powder BUT, if I wet my brush and apply this product it does give me the HD brow effect soooo win win really, amazing product ***** 5 Stars. MakeUp12 I really don’t have a lot to say about this product, I’ve been using it about 2 months but I think I might go back to Benefit They’re Real or try the Better Than Sex mascara! MakeUp10 Matte Pink Plaid MAC Lipstick- Loveee this, it’s not too colourful as deeply coloured lipsticks don’t suit me it’s just a bit ‘pinker’ than my lips, it lasts for hours AND it smells like kinder eggs what more could you ask for. MakeUp3 So, there it is, my daily make-up- any products that you guys have that I MUST try? What are your daily staple products? SignOff2

Things I’ve Noticed Since Being A Mummy

This blog post was Ciarans idea as the both of us realised there are some things we’ve noticed a lot more since becoming Parents, here are a few of those things.

  1. Rubbish Drivers- On a daily basis I find myself screaming at other drivers ‘You could’ve killed my son!!!!’
  2. Narrow Shop Aisles- I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a double buggy, I don’t think I would ever leave the house, the aisles are simply NOT big enough, I get so embarassed when I’m trying to leave a restaurant, I just try and laugh it off explaining I need ‘L plates for this thing’ to every person that makes eye contact with me.
  3. Baby Changing Areas- Or lack there of, there are no baby changing facilities in the male toilets and very rarely a changing area for either parent to use, this means it’s always me who has to leave the dinner table to feed the baba, which is fine but I wish people were more sensitive to the fact that Daddy’s change nappies too, I wonder what Ciaran would do if he was to take Oscar to town without me. What about single dads?
  4. How much I love naps- and how much I miss not being able to take a nap whenever I would like, I work on baba’s sleep schedule now.
  5. People who can’t walk- People stop walking right in front of the pushchair, just in the middle of the pathway, to look at something in a window or on a shelf, then get angry when your pushchair grazes their ankle or achilles, not my fault, this aisle was small enough without your mindlessness.
  6. How long it takes to shop- Gone are the days where I would do a ‘quick food shop’ multiple people now stop us to look at the baba, tell us how beautiful he is or complement us on how well we look for having a new born.
  7. How going to stay in a hotel for one night with Oscar requires more luggage than a week abroad.
  8. How much I can love someone- this is very weird, I love Ciaran and I loved him before Oscar was born but the way I love Oscar is so different and it’s so strange, I’m a very protective Mama and I don’t want anyone or anything to hurt him and if anything becomes negative around him or us we cut it off immediately to protect him.
  9. The lack of lifts/ramps- I didn’t even think of this before having a baby, for example, there’s a burger restaurant I really want to go to but we can’t whilst we have Oscar with us because it’s up loads of really steep steps with no lift or ramps and my favourite place for lunch has steep stairs and we drove all the way there the other day to be greeted with these stairs we had forgotten about, needless to say I was that hungry we just carried the pushchair up the stairs and I dined looking a lovely shade of tomato.
  10. How much I love being a mummy and how I’d like about 11 more children 😉

So, that’s 10 of my things, what things have you noticed since being a parent? Do you agree with any of mine?