YSL Volupté Sheer Candy 

I love a delivery, especially when I feel as pants as I do today! 
Now- YSL Lipsticks are so moisturising that is why I love them, I do like a MAC lipstick but they do dry my lips out and I already have horrid lips 90% of the time. AND THEN, I discovered YSL do a sheer coloured balm and I felt as if my dreams had potentially all come true. I’m such a snob because I could definitely buy a Chapstick for 99p instead of spending over £20 BUT the packaging is soooo pretty. It’s weighty and beautiful and it has that satisfying click when I put the lid back on. HEHEHE! 

  • Beautiful packaging 
  • Moisturising
  • Long lasting sheer gloss effect 
  • Smells like watermelon 


  • Bit pricey 
  • Not very pigmented (this shade at least) 

I’m very excited to put this in my handbag! 
What’s your favourite lip product splurge? 

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