Letter To My Baby- 10 Weeks

Dear Oscar,

You are 10 weeks old, 10 weeks yesterday to be exact. I still say Happy Birthday to you every Wednesday like I have done since the day you were born. It’s totally ridiculous I know and Daddy always says ‘it’s not his birthday’ but it is for me and you. You have got the hang of smiling properly now, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, mornings are your favourite, that’s when you smile the most. Especially if daddy is home from work, you sit in the ‘big boy bed’ and you chat to us. Gurgling and smiling away.

You can hold your head up all by yourself but you’ve been doing that for weeeeeks now, because you’re such a clever boy. Your legs are so strong too, if you’re on your tummy on Mummy’s chest you push your legs into me climbing up to my face.

You weigh 14lb 12oz now and in the 91st centile, you’re large, but then you have been since you were in mummy’s tummy, that’s why you had to come out a bit earlier. You’re very long too so I think you’ll be tall when you’re bigger. You’ve grown out of 80% of your clothes, thank you for that though it’s given mummy an excuse to go shopping.

Sleeping wise, you’re a bit picky, some nights you want to go to be at 7 o’clock and you’ll sleep through until 3am for a bottle then go back to sleep until 7. However, some days you’re awake and smiling until 11pm and you go to sleep until 2am and then bottle and awake again at 5am then you are awake for the day. You’re a good boy though if you wake in the night you just want a clean nappy and a bottle and you’re back in your crib snoozing away.

You’re a bit poorly with your sleep apnea and your allergies and poorly skin but we’re getting there slowly but surely. Realising what you can and can’t do and use. You’ve got blue eyes like mama and everyone tells me how much you look like me. Which makes me very happy indeed.

I love you lots Oscy,



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