Mama’s Ink

I’ve never really been one of those people with a strong anti-tattoo attitude however, I did decide from an early age if I was to ever get a tattoo I would make sure that it was something that really meant something to me. I didn’t want to get a flower for the sake of it or anything like that I wanted it to symbolise something important to me. Also, probably worth mentioning I have no problem with people who get random tattoos for the sake of it, I admire the art of tattoo’s I think they’re beautiful, there are, of course, some obviously horrendous ones but hey, you’re the one that has to live with it!

So, the first tattoo I got…


Says ‘This Too Shall Pass’ in French. When I was first diagnosed with Cancer my doctor said to me ‘this too shall pass’ and it really resonated with me, I kept that frame of mind throughout my treatment and actually anything negative that happened in my life I kept thinking, this will pass, I’ll get through this. Throughout my childhood we visited France many times a year and I love the country and the language that’s why I decided with French. Plus, I liked that no one knows what it says. After I had this tattoo done I found out it’s actually a quote from a film too.

My second tattoo I got…


Says ‘You’ve Got To Fall Before You Can Fly’ and then there is the outline of a bird after the word Fly, I am planning to have the bird re done soon I want a more details bird but I’m not sure how easy it will be to cover up, I’m not too bothered if I can’t get it redone though.

This one was my idea, no one quoted it to me or anything but I saw it once on Pinterest of all places. I thought after all the hardships I’d been through it’s something I really believed in. I find myself stronger now than I was when I was a teenager and I feel like the bad things I’ve been through play a big part in that.

I plan to get another tattoo to commemorate Oscar’s birth so I’ll put that up as soon as it’s done.

Do any of you have any tattoos? Do they mean anything special?



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