A Little Update

I just wanted to write a little post to say sorry for being rubbish lately, we’ve been so busy with work and the baba and I’ve been a bit poorly too but everything is okay, thank you everyone for your messages here’s a silly picture of us to check in and say hi! 



Thing We Should Really Know About Infant Carriers (Carseats)

The other day I had a car seat training session at Mamas and Papas and it really opened my eyes. There are so many things about car seats that I had no idea about before I had Oscar and even after I’d had him, when I was choosing his first car seat I had no idea about even the simplest of things. I hope that this post can be helpful for you, please let me know if you even learnt ONE thing from it! Here we go:

  • That handle we use to carry the baba’s around with is actually an anti-roll bar so if you were to be in a car accident and your car flipped the baby wouldn’t get crushed under the car seat the bar would hold the seat up and roll it over- SOOO CLEVER.
  • The hood cover over that bar that I thought was to keep the sun out is infact used in accident to help prevent glass and debris from getting in to your baby, although some do have SPF protection also.
  • Children should be in a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm in height.
  • A baby should stay in their infant carrier for as long as possible as it’s safest for them, they are ready to move up a stage when their head reaches the top of the seat.
  • The harness should be level with baby’s shoulder or below (so it comes up and over)
  • Baby should travel rear facing for as long as possible. This reduces the risk of injury to the head and neck by up to 80%
  • Buckle Crunch- If your car seatbelt buckle is at an angle on the plastic of your carseat this is called buckle crunch and with impact the buckle would shatter
  • A new law will be coming into place soon called ‘i-Size’ it’s bet to do some internet research of your own on this if you’re interested because there is so much information about it but the key points are:
  1. The child will be classified by height rather than weight for seats to make it easier to choose the right seat for each child.
  2. There will be better protection for your child’s head and neck.
  3. Children will HAVE to be rear facing until they are 15 months old.
  4. i-Size seats will fit all ‘i-Size ready’ cars.
  5. Moving your child around will be easier and safer because the risk of incorrect installation is reduced.
  • Babies should only be kept in their infant carrier for 90 minutes at a time, after 90 minutes they should be taken out and laid out flat on their back for at least 30 minutes.
  • Your baby should not wear padded clothing when in their infant carrier as the harness will not be tight enough to baby’s body to fully support them.

So there it is, a few things I’ve found out recently, how did you choose your car seat? Did you do lots of research? How many of the above points were you already aware of?


Glossybox October Review

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 22.46.42

The Glossybox for October was absolutely beautiful! I love every single product and I’ve added all of them to my daily make-up.


The Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Aid is a dream product. I suffer really badly with sore lips especially at this time of year and I’ve tried so many different products even medicated products and they all work for a bit but there’s always a hang up. Such as, the ones that work leave a horrid taste in my mouth or I have white lips!

ENTER LANOLIPS! I’ve been applying this everyday and I’m loving it. It smells like lemon sherbet, it is a nice consistency, quite thick which makes it like a balm in a tube. It has a lovely glossy finish which means it’s a lovely touch to a daily make-up look. It retails for  £8.99 in boots and I will definitely be re-purchasing it’s the perfect size to throw in your handbag.

(Click image for product link)



Now, I was introduced to beauty blenders at the beginning of this year and I haven’t looked back, they are the perfect friend that everyone who wants a flawless foundation application needs. This Nicka K Airbrush Blending Sponge is no different, when someone said ‘use a sponge to apply your foundation’ it reminded me of when I first started wearing make-up and I had this sponge I’d used to ages, it was so dirty and falling apart, gross I know but I was young! But they’ve developed so much since then, I blaaaady love it. These sponges retail for £6.50 and I would repurchase if I needed to but I will be keeping it with my daily make-up then washing it and continuing to use it as I do my Pixiwoo sponge.

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I’m not a big fan of pink cheekies, I’m more of a highlighter and bronzer gal! BUT, this cheeky Jelly Pong Pong Play Paint duo is for lips and cheeks. You literally need a pin prick amount of this product to cover your cheeks or lips and it’s such a gorgeous shade of pink. It would work beautifully to pair in your lips and cheeks but I just used it on the lips. The staying power is wonderful and it didn’t dry out my lips (LITTLE TIP: Apply your lanolins on top of this lip paint for a glossy overcoat and extra hydration)

I’m in love with this product it’s giving me a little summerly pink pick me up on these chilly autumn days. This lip and cheek paint retails for £8.95 which I would definitely repurchase at, however, a little goes a LONG way where pong pong is concerned so I don’t think i’ll need to for a long time. Therefore, I conclude that this is a definite investment purchase.

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make uptinghydra

Oh British seasons, this time of year is always tricky for me, if you are a dry skin sufferer like myself you will know that finding a lovely hydrating moisturiser is tough! My skin becomes immune to every cream overtime and it just dries through it, VERY frustrating VERY expensive. I’m yet to see if my skin will dry through this Talika Photo-Hydra Day moisturiser so I will update you on that as and when but at the moment it’s acting as a beautiful base for my foundation which is preventing any dry patches from peeking through and ruining my foundation finish. The only thing I’m not keen on for this product is it’s consistency, I prefer a thicker cream but that is just personal preference. This product retails for £24.85 and this size is supposedly full size and to be honest, as much as I like this product I don’t think I would purchase this size for that price. That being said, if it stands the test of time, and winter, I may change my mind.

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Well well well what do we have here a nifty little pencil that actually has THREE uses for me, yes, three. I am really self conscious of my eye area be that the under eye bags or the fact I can never get them to look ‘awake’ I’ve tried a lot of techniques over the last couple of years and failed mostly, I now apply a bit of highlighter to the inner corners of my eyes, I didn’t think it made much o a difference but I did it anyway. I tried to line my lower water line with a white eye pencil and I felt it was too harsh and didn’t look right at all. Then I tried this So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil in my water line and it was the perfect shade, it widened my eyes and instantly made it look like I even had a little sparkle, dare I say. Onto my second use for this product, highlighting under my brows- b.e.a.utiful. Lastly, for now, I used it on my lids applying it all over my lid and adding to it ‘Bootycall’ from my NAKED 2 palette, they compliment each other so beautifully for a fresh faced daily look. It works really well with the recent boom in strobing I have been testing some new highlighter so make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss my reviews on them! Glossy told me this product retails for £15 but I found it on the website for £14.95 so there you go, A DISCOUNT, don’t say  never give you anything 😉

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I really enjoyed this months box and I cannot WAIT for next months NARS edition, it’s sure to be spectacular so make sure you’re subscribed to get your hands on these goodies (Link in my sidebar)


Letter To My Baby- 15 Weeks

Dear Oscar,

You are 15 weeks old today, I still wish you a Happy Birthday every Wednesday and use it as an excuse when I buy you things on those days. You smile all the time now except when mummy gets her phone out to take a picture which makes me sad because I just want to get so many pictures of your smiling face.

You’re learning to sit up unaided now, you hold it for a while then weeble over and find that very funny. Your favourite games are ‘hands up’ and planes. You love it when Mummy reads your hedgehog book to you, we’re going to get you lots of Disney books and try and build up the collection because you also LOVE Disney, Daddy got you 4 Disney soft toys and you have some Disney Dress Up.

Your favourite film is Frozen at the moment and you really don’t like Maleficent, Mummy thinks that’s because it’s dark because you start shouting at the TV when it gets dark in Toy Story 3 too.

We’re planning your Naming Ceremony and your Christmas presents and things which is very exciting indeed. Although, Christmas will be a lot more fun next year when you’re a bit bigger.

You sleep through the night now, you wake up at 7am for a bottle and go back to sleep until 9/10 o’clock. Then the same as last night that’s your favourite time of the day, with mummy and daddy playing games and reading books with your special blanket. Which was actually mummy’s special soft blanket but you stole it for yourself because it’s so soft. We love to have cuddles in the soft blanket and watch films and read books.

We have to take you to be weighed next week but 2 weeks ago you were 16lbs 9oz and you’ve DEFINITELY put on weight since then which also means we need to buy you a new car seat!

You have special milk because you’re allergic to milk and you’re also allergic to pears so we have to try you on different things and see what you agree with. You love rusks though!

I Love You Lots Baba,