Gestational Diabetes

What a flipping nightmare this was during my pregnancy. As far as I was aware every woman was testing for GD during their pregnancy, infact this is not the case. I was tested as I have PCOS. So, off I went to the hospital with my mummy, I had my blood test and my sugary drink and then we walked around the hospital for a couple of hours and I watched my mum have a lovely costa then went back for more blood to be drawn. All the while the lovely nurse is saying ‘Oh I’m sure you won’t have it don’t worry it’s just a precaution’ I went home thinking there would be no problems, she explained they would only call if I had it, if I didn’t hear from them by the end of the week to contact my GP but assume I was clear.
Well, the next day my phone rings, it’s the hospital, ‘Hello, I’m calling from the diabetic outpatients clinic…’ my heart sank, I knew they were only going to call if it was bad news and the lady explained that I had Gestational Diabetes and I should come in for an appointment to be put on a new diet, easy peasy.
Off I went a couple of days later to see the diabetic team at the local maternity hospital, £6 worth of parking later I was leaving with a no chocolate, no sugar, all wholewheat brown pasta BUT NOT TOO MUCH, this many meals a day your life now sucks diet plan. I stuck to the diet really well but started noticing I was constantly really thirsty and really REALLY tired. Thinking this was just the new diet plus pregnancy I let it lie until my next ante natal appointment, where I mentioned it and after some more tests they explained I needed to go on some tablets called ‘Metformin’ I reluctantly agreed knowing this would cause no harm to the baba and went on with normal life. THEN, I was taken into hospital with a really bad kidney infection and I ended up having an allergic reaction to the Metformin on top of that ‘wow, you’re so unlucky the chances of this kind of reaction to this medication is 1 in 100,000’ Yes lady, thank you. That’s made me feel loads better. Once they realised I was allergic to the medication I had more tests and they said ‘pretty lucky that because your diabetes is a lot worse than we thought, your baby is putting on a pound a week we need to start you on insulin’
This is where my NIGHTMARE began, I had to take my blood sugar 10 times a day to begin with. I had a sharps box in my bedroom. I had to take note of my blood sugar when I woke up, before and 1 hour after every meal, when I got into bed then before I went to sleep. It was driving me insane.
Then the insulin started, I had hand sanitiser, Lucozade tablets, 2 types of insulin and all these needles rolling around in my bag. I actually ended up buying a nice Ted Baker pencil case to hold it all in.
My ‘journey’ with GD was not a pleasant one, my baby grew at a crazy rate, he was off the charts in my scans, something I will say though if you get diagnosed you get more scans to monitor your baby so you get to see his or hers little fingers and toes more often than anyone else which I think is a positive to make up for all the negatives of that illness. Anyone who lives with diabetes has my sympathy, it really was a horrible thing to go through and I’ve got a really high chance of having it again if I ever have another baby. At least I will know what to expect next time though. What I did learn though is once you’re in that routine you’re going to be fine, it takes a while to get used to it and it did take me a while to psych myself up to stab myself multiple times a day, OHHH, side note, insulin STINKS!!
If you have any questions about GD please feel free to message me, if I can help I will! I hope I haven’t scared you, it’s not THAT bad I suppose. It was just really scary for me because it seemed to just get worse and worse, I’m lucky though because as soon as Oscar was born the diabetes left and his blood sugar was fine too. THERE’S THE SILVER LINING.
Love to you all,

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