Day 2: write about something someone said about you that you never forgot

When I was in Secondary School there was a lot going on in my home life and for whatever reason for a couple of years mid way I fell into a ‘naughty’ phase. I still got my work done but I had a bad attitude and I thought I knew better than all the teachers. I was talking back and being a class clown. 

During this time a teacher gave me a firm talking to and said ‘if this behaviour continues you will amount to nothing, I understand you just want to be a dancer but you need school work and a career option to fall back on, what if you’re in a car accident and can’t ever dance? You will have messed your whole life up because you concentrated on only ONE thing’ 

This resonated with me and still to this day I make sure not to ever rely on one thing, never believe in something 100% until it’s actually here or you’re living it. 

Life really is too short and you never know what’s coming. 



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