Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongely


School children being mindless bullies. When I was at school I realise now that a lot of what I did really wasn’t good. I joined in with bullies, I did bad things to gain some sort of approval even after being bullied myself. The worst part of it all is that you can’t even say ‘you don’t realise what you’re doing to someone’ because it is so widely publicised what bullying can do to people. I personally know multiple people who have so tragically committed suicide because they were bullied and they simply didn’t want to face another day of the torture. It’s disgusting that children are genuinely scared to go to SCHOOL because they’re so worried they will be mentally or physically abused by other teenagers. The age is getting younger and younger too. I have very young family members, of junior school age that come home in tears because they’ve been isolated in the playground. It really is a wonder why bullying after all these years isn’t taken more seriously. My sister had to change schools because she was bullied so badly for absolutely ridiculous things and she just couldn’t take it any more. She wanted to concentrate on school work. She was so brave and now she’s doing so well, I’m so beyond proud of her for overcoming stupid bullies and continuing to shine and do what she wants to do. She didn’t let the negative people win, she KNEW she was worth more.

I wish more people knew their worth and didn’t feel like ending it all was the only option. School’s really need to wise up. They are more worried about sending a girl home for having a skirt that’s too small, too much make-up or nail polish than serious problems. Something needs to change. NOW.



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