Letter To My Baby- 15 Weeks

Dear Oscar,

You are 15 weeks old today, I still wish you a Happy Birthday every Wednesday and use it as an excuse when I buy you things on those days. You smile all the time now except when mummy gets her phone out to take a picture which makes me sad because I just want to get so many pictures of your smiling face.

You’re learning to sit up unaided now, you hold it for a while then weeble over and find that very funny. Your favourite games are ‘hands up’ and planes. You love it when Mummy reads your hedgehog book to you, we’re going to get you lots of Disney books and try and build up the collection because you also LOVE Disney, Daddy got you 4 Disney soft toys and you have some Disney Dress Up.

Your favourite film is Frozen at the moment and you really don’t like Maleficent, Mummy thinks that’s because it’s dark because you start shouting at the TV when it gets dark in Toy Story 3 too.

We’re planning your Naming Ceremony and your Christmas presents and things which is very exciting indeed. Although, Christmas will be a lot more fun next year when you’re a bit bigger.

You sleep through the night now, you wake up at 7am for a bottle and go back to sleep until 9/10 o’clock. Then the same as last night that’s your favourite time of the day, with mummy and daddy playing games and reading books with your special blanket. Which was actually mummy’s special soft blanket but you stole it for yourself because it’s so soft. We love to have cuddles in the soft blanket and watch films and read books.

We have to take you to be weighed next week but 2 weeks ago you were 16lbs 9oz and you’ve DEFINITELY put on weight since then which also means we need to buy you a new car seat!

You have special milk because you’re allergic to milk and you’re also allergic to pears so we have to try you on different things and see what you agree with. You love rusks though!

I Love You Lots Baba,



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