Poorly Pick Me Ups!

Oh my goodness I’ve had a nightmare few days, so… long story kinda short I have an impacted wisdom tooth which means it’s growing into my other teeth

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 19.54.36It’s so flipping’ painful and has been for a couple of weeks but whilst in London at the weekend it got a whole lot worse sending shooting pains down my jaw, causing swelling in my glands and giving me chronic earache- like an ear infection pain which is my worst pain, seriously, I’d rather give birth again.

When we got back from London I was booked in for an Emergency dentist appointment, dentist said ‘sorry love I can’t take this out it’s too bad you will need to go to the hospital and be put to sleep so they can cut it out and give you stitches! EWWWW. But she said I can give you local anaesthetic and cut around the gums and clean the infection to ease your pain, so yes, I went ahead with that, whilst sat in the waiting room waiting for the anaesthetic injection to take effect I felt a bit sick so went to the bathroom, next thing I remember I was in hospital! I passed out in the toilet and smacked my head, blue lighted paramedics and no vision or memory later and I’m in Majors having tests. Eventually I felt better and could sit up and walk etc so I was discharged home and today I’ve been in bed all day. I actually had to have a sit down shower WITH assistance because I went to the bathroom this morning and passed out AGAIN.


So anyway, I’m hoping to get out the house tomorrow, with assistance again, just for a little walk or something to get some fresh air but this post isn’t really about my sob story it’s about what I’ve done/or do to make myself feel better YES I have done this before but there’s always different products and things to be used.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 19.53.10

Okay, when I am not well I get really hot and I’ve had the fan blasting on me constantly so it’s made my skin feels horrible and dry so I did a lovely Liz Earle cleanse and Polish today which has left me with a lovely moisture all day, it just makes me feel a bit more hydrated.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.03.03

I’ve been watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix! I’m on season 5 PLEASE DON’T RUIN IT FOR ME!! I’m in love. It’s the only thing to crave my hunger for more episodes of Gossip Girl or OITNB.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.04.43

Today I have been Pinteresting some ideas for Christmas. I really want to get some creative ideas for presents, even if they’re just add on’s to presents just for a personal touch. I’ve already decided I’m doing brown paper packages tied up with string which I’ve already started and Oscars all have a little blue satin bow on them!

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.08.54

BED! This is NOT my bed because I’ve been in my bed all day and myself and the bed look a state so you can’t have a picture of that I’m afraid… But how nice is it to just have a really chilled day in bed, today I didn’t really have a choice to stay in bed but it was still lovely.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 20.25.43

Now, I take strong painkillers on a daily basis regardless of any other illness’ I have, which means if I get a headache or anything I can’t really take anything extra so I purchased this a while ago hoping it would relieve me of some pains and it did. It works really well for me, even if sometimes I know it’s phycological I really don’t mind because I feel ease! This has been my best friend today.

That’s really it to be honest, it’s really rubbish and boring, I also watching some YouTube videos, and just got Oscar back (he was with his Nanny for the afternoon/evening) I had a lovely snuggle with him and put him to bed with his lovely things and now I’m going to watch some more vampire diaries and get a cup of tea I think. Oh and have very late dinner, I had a massive dominos for lunch so I’m going to just have chicken and vegetables for dinner!!

Hope everyone else is well and enjoying their life. Promise I’ll be back to more regular posting soon too, I have some really exciting things happening and it’s all coming up so keep your eyes peeled.




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