Letter To My Baby – 20 Weeks

Dear Oscar,

You are 20 weeks old today! You’re so clever for your age, as always, and as mummy would say anyway.


Where to even begin with this one. Mummy has gone back to work part time so sometimes I’m not at home but in those times you’re with Daddy or one of your Nanny’s whom you love so that makes Mummy feel a bit better. When I come home you give me such big smiles which definitely makes my day brighter. You love to stand up, you hold on to our fingers when you do it and if there’s music playing you’ll bounce up and down doing a little dance.


You still love to be snuggled in Mummy’s blanket. You have a lot more books this time though and we read them, you love to look at the pictures. I think The Hungry Caterpillar is probably your favourite at the moment, you read that one with Daddy. We bought you a new car seat too, it’s still rear facing but you’re higher up now so you can see more which makes you smile, Mummy watches you in the special mirror.

You don’t really laugh very much, you smile A LOT but it’s quite hard to get a giggle from you at the moment but we get one sometimes. When you laughed for the first time it was at Daddy and it made Mummy cry.

Your first word is: Mum

It makes me feel old to say I’m a Mum, I want you to say Mama or Mummy, but I’m sure we will get there. You say this most when we first put you to bed, you just moan ‘Muuuummmmm’ until I come and tuck you in again and give you kisses.

So far you’re allergic to: Milk, Banana, Pear and possibly Strawberries. It makes me a bit scared to try you with new foods but I know it’s what you need because you’re such a growing boy.

I love you so much Oscy,



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