Mama and Dada's Trip To Ireland- Day 1

For our Anniversary this year we’ve decided to go to Dublin for the weekend. Ciaran is Irish and I’ve never been before so I was very excited.
So, we are currently in our hotel, we had a good flight, it was chucking it down when we landed in Ireland. We got a taxi to our hotel and nearly died doing that. The Irish Taxi Driver ran every red night, tried to change lanes over a curb and cut most other drivers up and tried to drop us at the wrong hotel! We ended up using 3G and Maps to direct him to the right place. When we were finally checked into our room Ciaran told me he had called ahead to arrange an upgrade and I was squealing on the inside to find slippers, a robe, lovely bottles of water, chocolates and a nice big bed. Ahhh the simple things in life. So, after 2 hours sleep, a 3 hour drive, an hour flight and near death experience I plonked a LUSH! bath bomb in the tub and had a nice soak.
We’ve just ordered some room service which was DELICIOUS we’re planning to head into the town but it’s still raining quite hard so I think we will play it by ear. To be honest I’m very happy just chilling in the room right now, I’m exhausted!

We ended up going into town and found a little pub with some live music- I’ll cut in some of his set in the vlog that I’ll post when we’re home. We have been trying new drinks and rating them out of 10 so on this first night:
Venue: O’Sullivans Bar
Drink: Franciscan Well Cheftain UPA
Rating Ciaran: 5/10
Rating Charlie: 5/10
Drink: HARP
Rating Ciaran: 5/10
Rating Charlie: 3/10
Drink: Jameson Whisky on the rocks
Rating Ciaran: 6/10
Rating Charlie: 2/10 Whisky is NOT for me

It was a lovely night, the pub was pretty quiet which was nice for our first night as we were both very tired and just wanted a chilled night. We got the Tram into the town and half way through our journey the tram did an emergency stop and the whole carriage fell to the front of the tram like human dominos, we were stood up people fell all over us. The drivers reasoning was a ‘door problem’ Luckily no one was hurt badly I think everyone was just a bit shocked, I know we were.
My favourite part of the evening has to be meeting Sulley and Mike though…
Screen Shot 2015-12-05 at 11.08.53
That was everything for Thursday, when we got back to the room I fell straight to sleep I really really needed a good sleep.
Stay tuned for another day…

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