Glossybox November Review

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November Glossybox was the most perfect thing, it was honestly like they had opened up my wishlist and checked off everything I was in need of and sent it to me! AMAZING.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 21.04.53 Oh Revlon what have you done to me with this lipstick? I have the shade on the far right which is literally so similar to my lip colour I’m sad to say I’m a little disappointed. It is really not a colour I would purchase myself. However, the actual product Super Lustrous Lipstick is lovely. The consistency is perfect, as you know if you read my blog regularly I sugar really badly with sore lips, I finally found a lovely product in Lanolips which came in last months Glossybox and this lipstick really isn’t too drying which is perfect for this time of year. It’s wear time with eating and drinking isn’t too great but for just walk around wear you get a good few hours out of it.

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I have been using the baby skin primer for over nearly 2 years now and I have enjoyed it because it’s really thick and I’m really self conscious about my pores, this has only become a problem for me in the last few years though. However, because I felt okay about the baby skin primer I didn’t feel like I needed to look any further. Then I received this Emite Make Up Diamond Heart Primer primer and I realised I don’t need a really thick primer for it to work. I do like this primer but I can’t do a great review as the company is Swedish and I really can’t find anywhere to buy it, their website is in Swedish and when I translate it to English it’s still really difficult. Maybe I’m just being silly but it’s made me not want to make the effort to repurchase, which, to me, means I didn’t like it that much.

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I have never heard of the brand Royal Apothic before but now, I’m not going to lie to you, I’m going to purchase this product in every scent I desire because it’s crazy good. Since I gave birth and it became colder in the UK I have really suffered with my skin and plus who doesn’t like to have silky soft skin all year round? I’ve been putting baby oil on straight from the shower whilst my skin is still wet which has really helped me and I recommend you try it! Separately to that, this cream is beautiful. It is so rich and thick and exactly what you need this time of year wherever you are in the world. I use this on my face, hands and décolletage before I go to bed once every 2-3 nights when I’m not using my Caudaulie Oil. I really need to do an updated night time routine if I’m honest.

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Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 21.05.21MUA Eyeshadow Palette is pretty pretty good, a definite dupe for the NAKED 2 palette so if you don’t want to splash out on Urban Decay, GET THIS! It’s only £5 and honestly it’s creeped into my daily make-up bag, I even took it to Ireland with me INSTEAD of my Naked palette. The colours are all so similar and they honestly last all day, I use my Real Techniques Eyeshadow brush to apply them and use a crease brush for sliding colour through the crease. I may show you a make-up look using this palette soon because it’s great, truly, don’t waste anymore time, just get it. It’s the ‘Undressed’ palette which I think means that the similarities between this and the UD one isn’t completely accidental.

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I don’t like to say it but, I haven’t used these Eylure Natural Volume Lashes yet but I feel I can review them as I have used these exact lashes previously, I’m not a huge lash wearer so I’ll be honest- they dug into my eye lid, they weren’t the most comfortable lashed I’ve ever worn but I know so many people that disagree so what I suggest you do if you would like to purchase these is click on the image for the product link and read the reviews on there, people seem to like them, like I said though, I’m not a lash wearer!


I feel like I’ve told porky pies in saying this month was everything I wanted as I’ve scored the products quite low but honestly, they were all the products I needed so it’s great that I got a chance to try these ones and found some hidden gems in there, I just received my December box so as always I shall use them for a month until January’s box arrives and then I’ll review, it was a rose gold box for December and I’m pretty much already in love with it. I’ve been driving for hours and flying all day today so I’m going to start off with the cloth face mask- there’s a little spoiler for you, then it’s a nice shower and clean bed sheets for this tired Mama.



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