Welcome To The World Interior- Part 1

Oh my goodness, have you SEEN the new Mamas and Papas nursery interiors???
IF YOU HAVEN’T YOU NEED TO. Luckily for you I’m obsessed so here’s a whole post dedicated to the fresh and simple new range ‘Welcome to the World’
As you may know Oscars nursery theme is grey and white with a splash of light blue and he currently has the M+P neutral Millie and Boris interior but the things I’m about to show you are ordered and I’ve already completed the Nursery Room Set in store which is just beautiful!
Firstly, for the pregnant ones of you there is a new moses basket on the block, it’s different to the usual basket it’s much more stylish and looks so expensive, the basket itself is really sturdy and actually feels more secure for baby than the usual wicker ones. It looks so fresh and the design is so current.
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.41.13
I mean just look at it! It’s amazing. This basket is £119 and comes with all the fabric interiors and small coverlet. Stand wise I would suggest the Ivory deluxe stand either rocking or normal.
(Click image for product link)
Sticking with the younger baby these muslin squares are amazing, before I had Oscar I’ll be honest I got really cheap Musy’s and ended up regretting it because they didn’t last at all. When I finally got some from M+P I never looked back, they’re lovely and big and can be used to swaddle younger baba’s and they don’t shrink in the wash or go ‘bobbly’ or become a weird shape after 2 weeks. They are amazing and even better if you can get nice ones with cute bunnies, right?
(Click image for product link)
Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 11.45.28
NEW to the collection is this 2.5 tog Dreampod in white (also available in pink or blue) These things are so useful, I know Oscar has a habit of playing kick the covers off if he doesn’t have his dreampod on and he gets cold then wakes. If he has a dreampod around him he sleeps through the night and I have the peace of mind that he’s nice and snuggled. The ONLY downfall with this is that you can only get the white one in 0-6 months but the blue and pink are available in 6-18!
(Click image for product link)
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 22.59.18

Following on from those they have some beautiful thing blankets in this range, most of the M+P blankets are really thick which is fantastic but before we know it it’s going to be summer and the babies will need a lighter cover and these are perfect, also perfect for a newborn gift as they’re 100% cotton. These gorgeous blankets retail for £29.00.
(Click image for product link)
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 23.06.01
Again, they are also available in gender appropriate colours:

Continuing with 100% cotton is this stunning cushion would look perfect in a cot bed/crib or on a feeding chair
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 23.06.41
(Click image for product link)
Don’t worry I don’t expect you to go completely overboard with all of this but how gorgeous is it?
My final item in the first part of my WTTW Nursery Inspiration is this hooded towel. It’s just a perfect size AND you get the cutest little wash mitt with it, that has bunny ears!?? BUNNY. EARS. Excuse me while I go and cry about Oscar being too big for this one.
(Click image for product link)
Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 23.13.22
I hope you liked this post, it’s mainly to show you how beautiful a handful of these new items are but I’m so excited to get these items into the new house and all set up in Oscar’s nursery so I can show you. Part 2 is coming soon for the older baby with the cot bed accessories, organisers and MORE!
Take care lovelies.

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