A Change is Needed

Be honest with yourself Charlie, you’ve gained 4 stone, you don’t feel comfortable in any of your clothes, your stretch marks seem to be getting worse and now you’re breaking out! 

The fact that it’s taken some spots to make you want this change is surprising. You’re so unhappy with your body but you have no get up and go, no drive to change anything. You know what you have to do but you just do not do it. 

Well, today’s the day. 

Day 1. 

To a better you! 

3 Rules to begin with, we will add to them every Monday, because what better day to start? 

  1. No more fizzy drinks, you’re not supposed to drink them anyway! 
  2. Start running, when your new trainers arrive! 
  3. Meditate, take time to sit in silence and relax. 

Number 3 is potentially the most important one there, you need to take time for yourself. Yes, I am talking to myself guys, I need to give myself a good talking to. I’ve got to a really bad place in my life where everything got on top of me. I didn’t spend long wallowing in self pity because most things in my life are very positive at the moment I just feel rather unhappy with myself, my body, my organisation etc. 

Ever since I had Oscar I’ve just piled on the weight and it’s now become a really big problem for me, I’ve never suffered with any body confidence issues like this before, yes I’ve been unhappy with my body but not to this extent.  

I need to snap out of it and MAKE A CHANGE. So it starts now, keep your eyes open for the post titled ‘I failed’ or ‘I Give Up’ 


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