Letter To My Baby- 9 Months

Dear Oscar,


We have been together for 9 months now, twice that if you count the time you spent in my tummy.


Mummy’s beautiful boy, I can’t believe you’re my baba. Last time I wrote you one of these letters it was difficult to get a giggle from you and I remember those days well. Luckily for us you laugh all the time now. Especially when Mummy or Daddy makes the high pitched noise that you like. Or Daddy does peek-a-boo around the door.

You are always smiling and everyone says how good you are when we’re out. We just moved house so it’s been a bit of an adjustment for you but you’re coping so well.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 14.31.14

I hope you like your new bedroom. I think you do because you still sleep all night thank goodness.

You’re so good at standing up now and you’re crawling everyone and whizzing around, you pull everything out and we’re still adjusting to not being able to take our eyes off you.We recently invested in a ‘baby prison’ or a playpen as some like to call it, you get arrested on a daily basis while Mummy is busy!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 14.31.04

Mickey Mouse is still your favourite, you get very excited when you see pictures of him or hear his voice.

You’ve seen Mickey Mouse in real life when we saw Disney on Ice but I can’t wait to take you to DisneyLand so you can meet Minnie and Mickey- I think Mummy will be just as excited as you!

It’s just been Easter but as you’re allergic to milk you received lovely presents and money instead which I didn’t actually think was a ‘thing’ but you’re such a lucky boy so your loved one always spoil you.

The thing we’re dealing with at the moment is those pesky teeth! They’re upsetting my baba and it’s heartbreaking as you just rub your gums and make a sad face. You don’t have any teeth at the moment but when you do I’ve got a feeling you’ll look mighty cute (cuter than you already are!)

Just got to get you walking next, you need to be walking before holiday which is just after your first birthday so let’s get practising!

Mummy loves you lots Pickle.



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