10 Signs I’m Getting Old

Okay so I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it’s made me stop and think about all the things that happen in my life that show me I am actually a fully fledged adult now and I’m getting old…

  1. I find myself saying things like: ‘How has her mother allowed her to leave the house dressed like that’ and ‘Put some clothes on woman!’
  2. I get excited for things such as: Fresh Fairy Liquid, new washing-up sponge, funky new tea towels.giphy-4.gif
  3. I have a separate file for bills and appointment letters and I get excited to buy the files, plastic wallets, coloured pens and coloured page tabs!
  4. I’d much rather spend and evening having a bubble bath, watching netflix, wearing my slippers drinking a cup of tea than getting all dolled up and going out to dance like a sardine on a sweaty dance floor. (Even my description of a night out makes me sound old)giphy-7.gif
  5. I make noises when I stand up… AND when I sit down!
  6. I say things my mum says such as; ‘I haven’t sat down all day’ when really, I did, to watch 2 episodes of Eastenders on Catch Up ‘Do you live in a barn?’ ‘Are we lighting Fawley Power Station?’ (Big up the New Forest Kids)
  7. I need naps now… Morning, Mid Morning and afternoon too.giphy-2
  8. I have more pyjamas and lounge wear than going out clothes, I actually don’t think any of my dresses fit!
  9. I sit in my home and moan to my partner about the ‘kids’ having a loud party next door at half 10 at night when those neighbours are actually about my age.giphy-8.gif
  10. And finally- I read this one somewhere recently but now when my friends announce their pregnant it’s cause for celebration not ‘OH SHIT DUDE!!!’


Do you agree with any of these? What has made you realise you’re getting old??


Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 22.33.28


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