Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge

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Bepanthen and Britmums kindly send us a 30g tube of Bepanthen to test out and review and we’ve been sampling it for 2 weeks now (this tube anyway because we were actually using it before) So what I thought I’d do is tell you all a bit about how we use Bepanthen and how we got on with it!

Firstly, as most of you know Oscar has an allergy to milk now sometimes he will pick something up that has milk in or we will accidentally give him something with milk traces in and he will get a poorly tummy, this means that his nappy is full of runny poo (TMI sorry) and he becomes sore really quickly, lumps, bumps and redness go all over his bum cheeks and even down his legs. I would always use other well known baby bottom creams and even a steroid cream from the doctors and none of them seemed to work, they either sat on the skin and created a barrier but didn’t help with the actual soreness or they healed the soreness but didn’t feel moisturising enough to stop the pain.

Like when we have a cut or graze and you have to use anti-septic creams and it stings it’s horrible to do it to yourself let alone our little baby!

Then my Nan suggested Bepanthen and I’ll be totally honest my first reaction was ‘Ummm I used that for my tattoos….’ I didn’t think it would be any different to any other creams out there that we had tried, boy was I wrong!

This ointment is perfect for baby delicate skin, baby’s actually already have a natural protection in their skin and this just enhances that, it has no antiseptics and no fragrances  and it’s a dream to apply, it goes on so smooth and you can feel it creating that barrier of protection but you can visually see it sinking in to the skin.

Oscar had a really sore bum last week not through poop but he drinks so much in the day he wees a lot too so there’s a lot of wiping and nappy changes and he sleeps from 6:30pm-at least 8am so he sits in wee for about 14 hours every night which isn’t good so it’s been nice to add Bepanthen to his night time routine to heal the existing rash and prevent anymore!

Click the below picture to purchase- it’s on offer at the moment!


Oscar’s Nightime Routine:

  • Eat all his dinner
  • In to the bubble bath with his toys
  • Hair and body wash
  • Wrapped in a towel
  • Bepanthen on the butt cheeks
  • Nappy and PJ’s on
  • Blanket cuddles on the sofa until bedtime

Do you use Bepanthen in your bedtime routine or any other ointments that work well?

Let me know!


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This post is an entry for #Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge, sponsored by Bepanthen. Learn more at or


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