Letter To My Baby- 16 Months

Hello gorgeous boy,


Well, you’re 16 months old. Again I’ll say it- where has the time gone?

In my last letter to you, you didn’t have any teeth but teething was in full swing- this time you have 4 big teeth on the bottom in the middle which is adorable and then 4 on the top in the middle too.. You’re napping a lot when we’re home at the moment so you’re definitely having a growth spurt and teething is still in full swing. The only thing is you don’t really nap when we’re out now- so when we’re out for the day and you’re in your pushchair you won’t give in and nap when you normally would because you’re too interested in what’s going on around you! Which is fine but then you get all grumpy when you’re overtired. Mummy tries to explain that if you just go to sleep you won’t be tired anymore but of course you don’t understand me.

I think your favourite food is probably- EVERYTHING. Mostly, things other people are eating, but with your allergies you’re rarely allowed to eat that but we’ve managed to find quite a few things you can eat now and you love them so that’s good, these include: Pom Bears, Bananas, Grapes, Special Baby Wafers that Nannie discovered and banana puff corn.

You’re walking now, you started walking properly when you were 14 months old. Now you walk and run and jump everywhere! You’re finally at that stage where, when you fall on your butt you don’t just crawl off you get back up and walk.

You love football which I’m sure Daddy is thrilled about- you watch the football together and play football when we go out or on the balcony. You’re very good in goal so definitely following in Daddy’s footsteps!

You say ‘mama’ ‘dada’ ‘more’ ‘who’s that?’ and ‘what’s that’ the most at the moment and the bath is still your favourite place to be.


You also like to pretend to be a doggy, you stick your tongue out and make panting noises!

You like to organise things a lot, I have a big bowl of dried apples, oranges and cinnamon sticks on the coffee table and you take all the cinnamon sticks out and put them in the candle jar. You’re good at matching shoes too, you take a pair of daddy’s football boots into your bedroom and hide them under the bed a lot and bring a pair of your shoes to me when I get your coat to go out.

I was looking back at pictures of you when you were little and when you were in Mummy’s tummy and I can’t believe how grown up you are now!!


You’re still allergic to milk but we’ve just started the Milk Ladder which means we’re slowly introducing milk into your diet to see how you cope, we’re only on step 2 so far but so far so good!

Next thing is getting rid of those pesky allergies so you can have real life chocolate, in the mean time you’ve got a moo free advent calendar!

Mummy loves you lots!