Letter To My Baby- 2 Years

Hello my little skids,
Well, you’re two whole years old now I simply can’t believe it! You’re walking and running around, playing football with daddy. You love your puzzles and your cars, especially the one you can sit in. You also love mummy’s make up, you use my beauty blender and powder to apply your own make up and brush your hair. Mummy likes this because you copy exactly what we do which shows me you’re learning and taking everything in!
Your current favourite movie is Moana, you love it because it has so many songs in it every time the songs come on you get up and dance around.
You are obsessed with cleaning, which again, mummy loves. Once I’ve finished my cup of tea you carry my cup out to the kitchen and put it on the side, same with our plates and yours when you’re all finished.
You like to wear mummy and daddy’s shoes around the house which always brings laughter.
You also enjoy gardening, you’ve always very much been an outdoors boy but now you like to be productive, you get the watering can and fill it up and water all the plants and help mummy pull the weeds out.  Nanny Jill bought you some gardening tools for your birthday and your other grandparents bought you tool kits, yet you’d still rather use REAL tools and REAL watering cans.
Mummy has finally given in and you’re officially starting nursery this week, which is very scary for Mummy and Daddy but also so so exciting, you’ll have your little uniform and your back pack and then you’re starting dance and football next week and life is very much moving at a fast pace.
You’re so clever, you love cleaning your teeth, you love getting your juice out of the fridge in the morning and pouring your own breakfast oats, you’re very independent and we are so proud of you. Your little character is fantastic and I cannot wait to see what’s next for you my little baba.
All my love,

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