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I’m excited to have a guest post here by Eileen from 2 Nerds And A Baby  I love reading their blog and tweets and just to make it all a bit better both our sons are called Oscar!
I hope you enjoy it, here’s why Eileen started blogging:
“I started blogging in June 2017, so I’m literally a baby blogger, it just started when I set up an Instagram account with my partner Adam to document our experiences as first time parents, but that wasn’t enough for me.
I’ve always loved to write, it gives me a space to vent, and having ADHD means I have a lot on my mind so it’s nice to free up some space! When I was younger I would write short stories and poems and I absolutely consumed books, I used to lock myself in the bathroom just so I could read in peace!
I find writing cathartic, I like getting my thoughts and feelings written down, I feel like it makes them more validated. I started 2 Nerds And A Baby to try to remember my sons birth, it didn’t go very smoothly and I don’t remember a lot of it so I thought writing it down would jog my memory, and once I started I just kept writing!
I had read blogs and got a lot of parenting advice from them and I thought, maybe someone could benefit from my advice too?!
Blogging has been great because let’s be honest, motherhood is lonely, and at the same time you are never alone! Writing a blog allowed me to get out some of the thoughts I’d had during the day, and saved Adam the earache of my word vomit as soon as he walked in the door after work!
I started the blog to feel connected, to “find my tribe” and I believe I have done that. Reading other blogs feels like a support network, someone I’ve never met can be talking about something I can relate to and solve my problem just by writing how they dealt with theirs, isn’t that amazing?!
It’s hard at times to find the motivation to write, and it’s hard not to think “what if I’m judged for saying this” but I like writing and I like how it’s brought me back to myself after having a baby, it’s made me feel like I’m not just Mammy, I’m Eileen too.”
Thank you Eileen, make sure you all check out her blog and social media:
Twitter: @2NerdsAndABaby
Instagram: @2NerdsAndABaby
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