"This is why parents should NOT go to work"

– Lauren Goodger, 2018.
Lauren Goodger. Reality ‘Star’. Had the AUDACITY to shame working parents, more specifically, working mothers this week.
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Now, where do I begin with this. Firstly, instead of just putting a nice little full stop after the word ‘ragging’ (I’m not cool enough to know what this means, she potentially means raging) she’s gone on to attack parents who work, she continued…
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Videos such as the one she’s talking about come about weekly, it is absolutely heartbreaking, but parents around the world can’t up and leave their jobs and pull their children out of childcare because of it. Speaking as a working parent myself I can tell you the guilt we feel is enough already without women such as Lauren, who, by the way does NOT have children and also allegedly tried desperately to have a child with a man whilst he was in prison for a history of violent crimes INCLUDING GBH and kidnap… (Thanks Fern @mumconventional for reminding us of that) trying to pin things like this on us.
Lauren… please enlighten us as to what you plan to do when and if you have a child, do you plan to simply give your career (?) up? Do you plan to isolate your child from the socialisation of a childcare environment? Do you envisage being able to make good friends with every member of staff of your child’s school before they attend? Please… tell us how we should be parenting, as you are such an expert.
Blindly tweeting such things is harmful, parents already experiencing separation anxiety or just having a hard time leaving their child everyday.
I suggest you keep such opinions to yourself in future, and to those parents who are working or studying and leaving their children with a nanny/au pair/family member/nursery/school etc. ROCK ON! Or, those parents who stay at home and look after the children and still put their child in a care setting to help with their social skills, development and mental health ROCK ON! We’re all doing FANTASTIC!!
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